My Relaxed Vs Natural Hair: Chemical and Heat Damage

Hey guys! I just uploaded a new video up on my YouTube channel! It’s my relaxed hair journey and it compares my relaxed hair (which I thought was my healthy and normal hair at the time) to my current hair. I show how damaged my hair was from relaxers, excessive bleaching and dyeing, and constant heat. It wasn’t until I learned that what I was doing was a problem, and started taking care of my hair, that my hair was able to grow and thrive. I hope that you all enjoy!



My Hair Bleaching Experience- Cutting the Bleach Out

New Video Up on YouTube!!!

In this video, I discuss my experience with bleaching my hair THREE times over the course of a year and how it affected my hair. I also discuss why I decided to cut the bleach out of my hair instead of dyeing it black. I hope that you enjoy!