Hey guys! My name is Jewellianna and welcome to my website. Here, I share my tips for long hair, my natural hair journey, and share my personal reflections and tips.

For business inquiries: jewejewebeebusiness@gmail.com


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  1. Hey Jewejewebee! I love your hair! Goals 😭😭
    Anyway I have a problem. I have really thick 3c like hair but it’s always undefined. My twist outs are awful braid outs don’t last all day. So I go to wash n Gos it stays define for on day. So the next day I don’t have time to go through the pain doing my hair again so I put it in a high puff. But the thing is my hair is starting to break off. I tried protective styling (braids) and my edges were falling out and my hair feels rough. I can’t wear wigs because I’m in middle school. My hair is armpit length at the bottom I’m having breakage at the middle and top part of my hair please help!


    1. There isn’t a law that says all curly hair has to be defined. Not everyone has super defined curls and that is OKAY… your hair is still beautiful. If you tried those things for your hair and it didn’t work, then I can only suggest using EcoStyler, trying finger coils, trying the shingling method, trying out new products, or maybe just giving braid outs and twist outs. But at the end of the day, you’ve got your awesome naturally thick hair and it may not be defined but I’m sure it’s beautiful:)


  2. Thank you for the confidence video! Yes I definitely need to remember I have to love, embrace, and accept my myself in order to be positive and to love others. In todays’ world that can be very challenging because many people judge others and make decisions based off of the physical, but I know the spirit on the inside is really what matters. I know that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try to get cute and pretty, it just means not to let my life or how I treat others revolve around the physical and material things! Thanks for talking about this important channel <3!!


  3. Hi Jewejewebee!

    I was wondering if you could give me some stress advice? I am 21 years old and lately I do not feel like it. I feel I am putting all of my energy into my retail job that is causing me a lot of stress. I am a manager and I took on the position when I was 19 and now I feel that it is getting in the way of school and my mental and physical wellness!! Do u have any advice on how I can maintain my sanity lol!


  4. Hi jewejewebee, my name is Jamera tyler and i’m having trouble growing my hair. my hair doesn’t even go past my shoulders. Its very flat but it seems moisturized. i tried putting oil on the tips of my hair and the scalp. i even tried a hot oil treatment. i really need help with my hair it just lacks a lot. if you have any tips please email me at Jameratyler004@gmail.com


  5. Hey Jewellianna, just wanted to say that your curls are absolutely beautiful and your personality matches too!. Too Cute!


  6. Hi Jewejewebee!!! I just want to start off by saying you are one of my biggest inspirations yet. I just wanted to ask a question about what method did you use in your hair when you did the big chop, because my hair will go from being moisturized and curly one day to wake up the next day to find it dry. Also did you wet you’re hair everyday or is that bad for your hair?


  7. hi Jewellianna so my hair is curly and huge but i try every thing it gets frizzy i watch videos on how to help i have 3A / 3B hair so its hard for me also my little brother cut my hair and gave me these huge bangs ever since then my hair has changed i hope you can make a video or respond about my problem thank you so much really


  8. Hey JewJewBee! I love your hair, it’s BEAUTIFUL!
    I NEED HELP!! See when I was little I cut my hair 3 times when it was still mixing and all. Now I’m 13 and my hair has been like this for awhile but I’ve managed it. At first, the back section was 2b/2c type hair and the rest was 3b/3c. The back was always longer than the top so I HATED IT! Then a couple months ago I got a mini chop that evened my hair for a little while. But now the unevenness is back! So I’ve done better with getting my curls defined but the problem is that when I slay my afro the back just messes up the look. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO! It’s not the products, my hair is healthy, it’s just the fact of the top never growing the same length as the back. You might not be able to help me with my problem but I wanted to try. Any advice?


  9. Hey jewejewebee !! My name is chelsie , I’m from South Africa , It’s almost a year since my hair is natural but sometimes I’m find myself not so confident , because some parts of my hair it looks as if it’s lacking curls and rather looks more straight and the tips curl should I be worried ??? Do you have any advice on what I should do to fix this ?


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