Her Given Hair Extensions| Unboxing and Review

wefted hair 5

I had the great opportunity to review Her Given Hair Extensions and it was such a new and exciting experience! I have never worn hair extensions before so I was unsure on what to expect or if I would like them, or even be able to use them. But I ended up really being happy with my results! I received 3 bundles of the “Curly”, 24 inch, clip-in extensions. However, I only ended up using two of them since each bundle was quite A LOT of hairwefted hair 3


Once the hair arrived, I cowashed it with a deep conditioner and then sealed it with Argan Oil. Afterwards, I got to see the more authentic quality and texture of the hair. My hair extensions after being co-washed, finger detangled, sealed with oil and air dried were very tightly curled; they had a tight S-Curl at the top and coiled at the end. It wasn’t an exact match to my hair texture; however, I realized that this was due to an error on my part. Because I had only finger detangled the hair, it had kept the “straight out of the box” look and feel. It wasn’t until my second time cowashing the extensions (when I detangled them with a Denman brush and not just finger detangled them) that I was able to achieve a more natural curl pattern that matched my hair perfectly!

The picture on the left is the hair finger detangled; and the picture on the right is the hair after it has been combed with a Denman. As you can see, the hair blends pretty much PERFECTLY with my natural hair after it has been combed with the Denman.

After cowashing the extensions, I noticed a few other things about the Her Given Hair extensions:

  • The color was a pretty close match with my hair. It was slightly darker than my natural hair but it was not an obvious difference; only I could notice it.
  • The luster of the hair was more shiny right out of the box, but after being cowashed and separated a bit, the curls lost some luster and had the same luster as my natural curls.
  • The tangle level of the hair was a lot less than my natural hair and the extensions were fairly easy to detangle.
  • The shedding level of the extensions was similar to my natural hair which I expected from them straight out of the box and being detangled for the first time.
  • The length of the extensions were a lot longer than my naturally curly hair since they were 24 inches. My curls shrink to my shoulders and the extensions gave me curls to my bra strap, which was pretty awesome!wefted hair 6

You can watch my Unboxing Video HERE on YouTube where I show an unboxing and review of the hair, the sample kits which include the 3 different hair textures that Her Given Hair’s site offers, and how I cowash and install the hair!

Dyeing/ Styling my Her Given Hair Extensions

To style my hair, I decided to dye the extensions ombre using a blonde box dye. After dyeing the extensions, I deep conditioned them, detangled them with a denman brush and installed them in my hair. As you see, the extensions blend in with my natural hair very well!wefted hair 6

If you would like to watch this video, then you can  view it HERE on my YouTube channel!

All in all, I am very happy with my experiences with my Her Given Hair Extensions; my first experience with hair extensions was definitely a very, very pleasant one! If you are interested in purchasing Her Given Hair Extensions,then you can check out their website here!

Hair description of the extensions that I recieved: http://www.hergivenhair.com/?y=Jewell

Instagram- @hergivenhair
YouTube Official Channel: https://goo.gl/FfU4H8