Product Recommendations for Curly Girls

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Product Recommendations:

People often ask me for product recommendations. These products mentioned in this post are usually the first products that come to mind! We learned in the article (which will be up tomorrow)that the right products transform you hair–in both a good and bad way.  I hope that you guys enjoy these products just as much as I do! (Also, when I give product recommendations or hair advice, people often ask me if it will work for their “hair type” or texture. Unfortunately, I am only one person and cannot try out products on every head of hair. Just try things out and see what works for you. However, these products should work on ALL curls). The conditioners that I recommend (besides the curl enhancing smoothie which I only use on top of my regular conditioner and NOT as a detangler) areto be used both to detangle and to be left in the hair. I don’t recommend leave-in conditioners because they are often the same as conditioners just in a smaller and more expensive bottle. Also, all of these products, besides the coconut oil and Alaffia Shampoo, can be found in most grocery stores!


  • Aussie Moist conditioner (contains silicones)-


My all time favorite product is Aussie Moist conditioner; this conditioner has been a staple throughout my entire hair journey! I’ve gotten so many people hooked on this product and it is truly a savior for ‘transitioners’, newly naturals, and long term naturals. This conditioner is:

  • very thick
  • has loads of slip
  • leaves my hair feeling super soft
  • low priced
  • and smells HEAVENLY

This product works for all types of curls.  [Aussie Moist contains Bis-Aminopropyl Dimethicone which is a silicone that does not dissolve in water. However,  ““it is not supposed to accumulate on top of itself” (click for source). However, I’ve found that this product does indeed buildup on my hair and needs to be clarified from my hair].

  • Herbal Essence’s Hello Hydration –


Hello Hydration is comparable to Aussie Moist, all though I prefer Aussie Moist because it smells better  (even though this still smells AMAZING). I also think that this is a little less moisturizing than Aussie Moist, but don’t get me wrong, this product is still super moisturizing and leaves my hair feeling soft. [Hello Hydration contains “Aminopropyl Dimethicone” which is a silicone that is difficult to wash out and may lead to product buildup overtime. Clarifying the hair is recommended when using this product.]

  • Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie (Silicone-Free)-IMG_5197

This product is amazing! It smells like vanilla cupcakes to me and it is super moisturizing. It is perfect for those curly girls with thick hair that could use a little help in the moisture department. However, this product is pretty thick, so I wouldn’t recommend it those curly girls who have fine hair that is prone to being flat and weighed down. And all though this product is silicone-free, it does contain butters and oils that need to be removed from the hair to prevent product buildup.

  • Shea Moisture’s Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner-IMG_5196

This product  is great for those who want to avoid silicones and parabens but also want moisturized curls. This product does not have much slip, because it is silicone free. I wouldn’t recommend it if your hair gets extremely tangled or if you go a week or more between washes. However, it does a sufficient job at being a detangling conditioner when I apply a generous amounts and keep my hair drenched with water. Like the Curl Enhancing Smoothie, this product needs to be clarified from the hair due to the butters and oils in it.

  • EcoStyler gel (any kind)


This gel is GREAT for defining curls, taming those edges, and for guaranteeing sleek  and frizz-free styles. However, I find that this product leaves my hair feeling dry. Most of the time, I prefer only to use EcoStyler on my edges because I don’t like how it makes my hair feel dry.

  • Alaffia’s Authentic African Black Soap


When it comes to shampoos. I really don’t have much loyalty. I’ve probably used 15 different shampoos while being natural and have bought maybe one of them a second time. I saw this soap while I was at MOM’s. All though it isn’t technically a shampoo (it is multipurpose and can be used as a body wash and as a shampoo), it works well enough and doesn’t leave my hair feeling super dry like most shampoos. I can’t put this product on my “TOP FAVORITES” list yet because I’ve only been using it for a few months, but I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who is searching for a natural and healthy shampoo/ body wash.


  • Coconut Oil


I rarely use oil and butters on my hair; mostly just on my body and for cooking.  When I first went natural,coconut oil was a staple in my hair care routine. Now, I just feel that it gets all over the place and makes everything greasy. If you are washing your hair enough and using great and moisturizing products, then oil shouldn’t be necessary in your hair routine, but you can always use it. If I do use coconut oil every so often on my ends (like once every month/ every other month), I’ll use this coconut oil that I found on


6 thoughts on “Product Recommendations for Curly Girls

  1. Hi Jewe Jewe Bee, I have recently started the natural hair journey and I have noticed that you have a winter here routine I am just curious as to what your summer hair routine is because it is all new to me I have no idea please let me know thanks, I have found all your advice so far very helpful and hope to learn more. Thanks, Jem.


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